Endowment Fund

The PUHS Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund

The endowment has one purpose; to continue the Phoenix Union High School Alumni Association (PUHSAA) scholarship program after those who attended PUHS are no longer available to administer the program. In other words. thanks to the ACF, the program is set up to work in perpetuity.

The Arizona Community Foundation (ACF) is managing the endowment fund, and when needed, will begin administering the scholarship program. The scholarship endowment fund goal is $350,000. This number will ensures there is adequate income each year to pay the amount awarded to the students, and fund administrative costs. We were able to start the endowment with the $110,000 the PUHSAA had in the PUHSAA administrated fund. Thanks to the many donations over the previous years, as my be noted in the Donation Acknowledgment section of the Quarterly Coyote Journal. It is mailed out to approximately 4,000 + PUHS Alumni. members 4 times a year.

There are three ways funds may be donated –
1.  Checks may be sent to the PUHSAA office. P.O. Box 16346, Phoenix, AZ 85011
2.  Directly to the ACF at Arizona Community Foundation, 2201 E. Camelback Rd. Suite 405B, Phoenix, AZ 85016. Identify the check as for the PUHSAA Scholarship Endowment.
3.  To make your contribution online, visit >  AZFoundation.org   Select “scholarships” at the top. Next, select “contribute to a scholarship fund’ from the drop down menu where you will find a line with PUHSAA on it. Select that line and you will open our form. Both the ACF, and the PUHSAA are 501(c)3 corporations. All gifts are fully tax deductible. All contribution are used for the fund. There are no paid persons in the PUHSAA. All future editions of the Coyote Journal, and here on the PUHSAA website, will update how the Phoenix Union High School Scholarship Fund program is progressing.
4.  A fourth way to donate is to use the embedded ACF donation form in this PUHSAA Website from >  Here  <

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